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Solar power

in African countries

Electricity from the socket, anytime and anywhere – in Europe this is taken for granted. In many African countries, however, the situation is different. In many places the electricity supply is unstable and does not reach all households. Particularly in rural areas, people often have no access to electricity at all and make do with firewood, kerosene lamps or battery-powered devices. Unfortunately, these energy sources are neither healthy nor eco-friendly.

But in many African countries things are starting to change. Renewable forms of energy are booming and are now regarded as the basis for sustainable development, especially solar energy. It is flexible, affordable and only needs sunshine to generate energy – a resource that is never scarce in Africa.

Despite their great flexibility, solar systems still have to be planned, installed, maintained and – if necessary – repaired. This requires qualified specialists on site, but at present there are only a few institutions that offer appropriate training.

This is where the Austrian aid organisation Jugend Eine Welt comes in. With the support of the Austrian Development Agency, Jugend Eine Welt launched a training programme for solar energy in Ethiopia and Uganda in order to promote the spread of solar power and enable young people to receive seminal education.

You can learn more about the solar programme in Ethiopia and Uganda on the following pages and in the videos below.